Engage Connect and Grow your business with our Bluetooth hardware aka “Beacon” in just minutes


Create an engaging proximity marketing campaign with our beacons by leveraging BLE (Blue- tooth Low Energy) technology to any smartphone within signal range, and notifications capability

Congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from your first proximity ad campaign.

Every ProxMNity beacon is formatted and ready to use the moment you turn it on.

Begin your first campaign with our easy to use ‘Drag and Drop’ templates or create your own.

It’s a user friendly online dashboard with no programming skills necessary. Create one or hundreds of campaigns in minutes.

Use our Data-Analytics tool to measure conversion rates and what’s working in real-time

Our platform for beacon proximity marketing requires No App!

Yes our Out-of-the-Box solutions needs no app so you can begin immediately without worry. It’s just so easy to begin

“Turn on Bluetooth for Notifications & Specials™”.

According to Forrester, 99% of all smartphone notifications are opened in
less than one min. 83% converted. Get started here.

Use our Social Media integration tool to multiply market exposure

Start TODAY With ProxMNity Beacon Marketing for any business or event


Guided information based on location, (geo-fencing) or automated curator offering a new guest experience.

Auto Dealerships

Schedule Test Drives, Pre-Qualify Buyers, Verify their Trade-In Value are just a few things that can be done with our ProxMNity beacon.

Bar & Restaurant

Restaurant Specials, Happy Hour Deals, and ‘Pay-at-the-Table’ can be done effortlessly.


Enhance the guest experience showing ‘On Sale’ items based on their location in the store.

Trade Shows

With hundreds of visitors passing your booth, there is no better way to maximize your efforts reaching them.


Sell those homes much easier with our ProxMNity beacon as your digital assistant. Do virtual tours, show floor plans, mortgage calculator, and more…


Introductory Guide to Digital Marketing


The Anatomy of a beacon

 iBeacon vs Eddystone

Use Cases

 Physical Web

Case Studies and so much more…

Learn how to get your ad campaign or pilot program up and running with proximity beacons.


Tell us about your business’ goals and let’s start getting you returns

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